Saturday, July 31, 2010


There are now 6 weeks left....if this little one is on time.  Please, please, please, please, please don't be early....or terribly late.....m'kay little bean?  There's too much to do between now and then.

The past few days have been filled with packing, cleaning, moving (yes, loads of my stuff is still parked at my old house...a big thank you to my patient parents), pulling out old flooring, putting in new flooring, keeping Levi out of the way and entertained for this, driving...lots and lots of driving.  I'm whooped.  Today, there was more driving and more driving and unloading of stuff and some shopping (how could I pass up the $1 sales at two consignment stores?).  Now I'm more tired, and tomorrow, there's more packing and loading and unloading and, of course, driving to be done.  And, it's supposed to be 102 F!!  Oh, have I mentioned that Levi and his very hefty self still insists on being carried EVERYWHERE?  And, what do I do?  I carry him.  I'm a sucker for "Mama, Mama, Hold you me!"  Sigh. 

Monday, I'm giving up.  We're going to just have fun for a couple of days.  I'm determined. 

In the midst of all that I did squeeze in time to piece together 11 rows of this quilt, and I started knitting a wool soaker for the new bambino.   Making stuff keeps me sane.  It might be classified as an addiction. 

What keeps you sane when life gets oh, so very tiring?


  1. I'm sending "right on time" vibes to your little bean :)
    Hang in there... hope you enjoy your next few days to play!!

  2. oh, i feel hot, miserable and tired for you just reading this! hang in there and i too hope this baby is right on time for you!
    and keeping sane? i am always trying to figure that one out myself! ;)

  3. I hope this move and transition goes smooth and you are all settled soon :)

    Needlework keeps me sane, as does reading and I admit, my tastes run more toward chick lit and women's fiction :)

    Stay cool!

  4. Your quilt looks like it's going to be beautiful. Don't work yourself too hard though! Definitely have a "play day" tomorrow. My son still loves to be carried too. It's hard to resist when they're so cuddly!

  5. You're in the home stretch close but not close enough, right? Get some rest if you can :)


  6. Oh, the last few weeks - enjoy the free time! (Ha ha - as if you have free time with a munchkin to play with). I feel for you - especially in this heat...we just made a move too...enjoy your Levi-only time and ignore those dishes. :)

  7. Stay sane??? I don't think I do I just real from one disaster/planned activity to the next. Do try not to over do it though.

  8. You're a busy mama! Does it feel like nesting?

  9. That fabric! Love!

    I carried Jeremiah until he was about 7...then my back said "NO WAY"!!! ( :

  10. Could you be nesting perhaps? In a very crafty kinda Mama way? Hope you are getting time to rest...


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