Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Loves

Farmer's Market Flowers

A few of my favorite things....

: : My farmer's market flowers (see above photo) make this under renovation house look a little cheerier.  Levi can't keep his hands off of them, so we'll see how long they last!

: : This reminds me of something we did with celery when I was little....except Queen Anne's Lace is a little more glamorous than celery.

: : Hannah's post on the benefits of a midwife is spot on.

: : My sister sent me a link to this oh so cute sock horse.   It looks like it's made of baby socks, but I have all those sock parts leftover from my most recent crafting adventure.  Don't be surprised if they morph into a horse.

: : Check out this funky little castle play set. It is so sweet.

: : This costume makes me want to get my needles out.  Do you think Levi would go for being an owl for Halloween? 

: : I keep seeing cute camera strap covers around the internet and thinking "Surely  I could make one of these."  Well, no more excuses because now there's this easy looking tutorial

Hope y'all are having a beautiful Sunday! 


  1. I love the colored flowers project...and I love your flowers too!

  2. That castle is so adorable!!! :)
    (and happy birthday to Stephen!)

  3. That castle play set is sooooo darling!

  4. those flowers are beautiful and the picture is incredible!


  5. I def LOVE that little castle....lots of inspiration there. This year we are going to try and make a dollhouse for my Trinity's birthday so I love anything castle/ cute. I love all of the pictures you have of your sleeping boy....a little cherub.


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