Friday, July 23, 2010

Fast and Easy

When I look back at the things I've made and done during this pregnancy, I'm surprised.  I've actually accomplished quite a bit considering I thought I had only managed to sleep and neglect housework.  Thank you, blog, for reminding me that sometimes I do more than that. 

To be added to the list are these hot off the sewing machine baby legwarmers....

Baby Leg Warmers

I followed this tutorial....the perfect craft for a tired pregnant mama.  They take all of about 3 minutes to make, and they turn out super cute!  Oh, and they are cheap, cheap, cheap.  Target had knee high socks regularly priced at $2, and then they had a few on clearance for less than $2!

My notes:
I did alter things just a tad.  The original instructions say to roll the hem over 1/2 inch and sew down the middle of the hem.  I did two parallel lines instead of one.  One down the middle of the 1/2 inch hem and one closer to the frayed edge.  That way there's not a 1/4 inch of fabric rolling and making baby potentially uncomfy.

Also,  I thought their instructions for the ruffled edge were confusing.  It could just be me and my very tired brain.  But, I tried them two ways.  For the purple legwarmers, I didn't fold over a hem.  I zigzag stitched a line 1/2 an inch from the raw edge, and then I zigzag stitched the raw edge.  For the striped ones, I folded a hem; zigzagged the the top of the hem (where the raw edge is), and then zigzagged the fold.  The last method was my favorite.  It just looks more finished.


  1. Super cute - when is your Etsy site launching!?! :)

    I feel as if you've accomplished more pregnant than I have (not pregnant, and no children). :)

  2. Cute cute cute! Nice job Mama!

  3. You're so creative and crafty! I know Levi rocked his leg warmers. Can't wait to see pictures of your newest baby with these on!

  4. How funny! I literally just today bought the striped ones on the end and three other pairs at my Target!!!

  5. Baby leg warmers are one of those things, I always think, "They're so expensive! I bet I could just make them myself!" But then I don't know where to start. Thanks for showing us how simple it can be. :)


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