Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Little Saturday Rambling

Just a few things:

You'll be glad to know that you don't have to sit through another one of these posts for a while.  Due to some scheduling conflicts at work, Levi's dad won't be able to take him for the second two weeks of summer visitation.

Breathing is oh so nice.

Levi's dad did get to take him for the past couple of days, and I've been trying to fit a very long to do list into that time.  I've worked my tail off, y'all, and I have the burning thighs to prove it.  I've painted furniture....lots of furniture.  I'm on my 5th coat of paint with this one. still needs more!

(I've also painted two dressers, partially sanded another side table, and attempted to paint a stool before
realizing that I had forgotten to sand the darn thing!)

And, I've cleaned other furniture given to us by a friend....lots of cleaning....oh, so worth it.  Love this chair!  Now if I could just pick a fabric for a cushion (the second fabric is actually a really pretty blue, but it doesn't look it in any pics)....

(Not pictured are an old vanity and side table that with a little elbow grease turned out gorgeous!)

Of course, I've run errands because it doesn't seem to be possible to actually have all of the supplies on hand when I start a matter how much advance planning I've done.  And, I've started going through Levi's old baby things.  Oh, and the baby's floor, walls, and ceiling are complete.  Yay!  We've even got a piece of furniture in there....

(Not sure what's up with the way the colors are registering.  They look better in person.)

On Monday, the uber ugly and old carpet in my living room is going to be sitting on the curb, and on Tuesday, we should have lovely wood floors in it's place.  I am so excited.  Thanks in advance to my fabulous hubby! 

The downside to all of this progress is realizing that no matter how much gets knocked off of the to do list it is still daunting in its giganticness.  Do renovations ever end?

Last but certainly not least, as of today there are eight weeks till my due date!  Is anyone else freaking out, because I might be....just a little. 


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous furniture! Lucky you! And I am impressed with all the painting. You have gotten A LOT done. ONce #2 is here, you will probably be so grateful you did!

  2. Regarding renovations~~whenever one problem gets solved another one gets promoted. Nanno

  3. you are gonna get there! : ) i know house projects feel like they are never going to be completed and then there is always something else least to me i guess! that will be a great feeling when the carpet is gone. great furniture, can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. Woah...8 weeks! Each little tick off your list is indeed a small victory...slowly but surely. It's all looking so awesome so far!

  5. I am way to excited about your baby for someone who lives on the other side of the world and has never met you but I can't help it it's such an exciting time. Glad your getting on top of the reno's before he/she arrives too.

  6. I'm fairly positive that it has been scientifically proven that renovations never ever end, they just fall down the priority list. Seems to me you are doing a grand job at tackling that list, I might add.


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