Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mama, Mama, Take A Picture!

Levi was in his room playing.  I pulled my camera out of the tippytop of the hall closet.  From his room I hear:

"Mama, you take pictures?"
"Yeah, Bear."
"Mama, Mama, take a picture of me!"
"Okay, Bear."
I sit down on his bed and get the camera ready....
"Mama, Mama, take a picutre!!!"

Take A Picture!

Such a little ham!


  1. Peekaboo! Levi just gets cuter and cuter.

  2. that's so adorable!

    I call my son Bear too ( i think he thinks that his "real name" is the nickname) and he also enjoys the camera, but like his mummy he wants to be behind it.
    "Mummy, Mummy, I tay a pitchure!"

  3. Love it! He looks like so much fun!

  4. That's the best photo he's such an cheeky monkey.


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