Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Loves


This week's fun finds....

: : This frog and this scottie dog have me wishing for more than eight short weeks between now and this baby being born!  I suppose there's always post baby crafting, but I'm kind of wondering how that's going to work. 

: : The Bright Side Project is by far the cutest giveaway blog I've ever seen.

: : This cake is incredible....oh, the detail!!!

: : I want to make one of these.

: :  If I didn't already have a little kiddo oven, I would make one of these for Levi.

: : Legwarmers are on my to buy list for the baby, but they might just end up on the make it list with this super cute tutorial.

So, what are y'all loving this weekend?


  1. I wish leg warmers would come back in style of adults!


  2. I need one of those geo boards for my litte ones...I see hours of fun there! and those leg simple and gorgeous....fabulous idea!

  3. Oooh, yes, legwarmers. I've been thinking of knitting some...but the way time gets away from me I'll have to keep that tutorial in mind for sewing some.

    Yes, I'm afraid I can't give much encouragement for crafting as more children come along. I mean, it still happens, but squeezing it in gets to be more challenging!

  4. Wow, only eight weeks left? Time flies. I hope you are feeling great.

    That leaf? Delicious. Even if it's not edible, whatever it is.

    That travel play kitchen is soooo cute!


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