Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, August.... I wish I could love you....but I don't.  Your heat sucks the life out of even the non-pregnant.  A heat index of 115 F is intolerable.  And, the mosquitoes?  Really, something should be done about them.  Maybe you could see to it that the rest of the month is at least a tad milder.  M'kay?

Seriously though, this heat is getting to me.  It's hard enough to move quickly while pregnant, but in this much heat it's impossible.  I've felt the need to sleep....a lot.  My camera, my blog, the entire internet, and all housework have been sorely neglected.  I'd be okay with this, except that I'm so hot it makes me irritable.  If I step outside, it takes the rest of the day to cool back off again....something about a personal heating system rocking away in my tummy.  Sigh.

On a semi-good note, storms are moving in.  The temperatures will now be in a "reasonable" early to mid 90's.  Of course, rain means more humidity.  Can our air feel any more like split pea soup?  Oh, yes, indeed.

And, entirely unrelated to the weather, if you're in need of a good read this week check out Erin's latest post.  I'm bookmarking it, so I can reread and remind myself of this stuff post baby.

Hope y'all are enjoying your week and staying cool!


  1. Oh dear, sounds just horrible. Of course it is winter here now, but I was heavily pregnant during a hot Sydney summer with Jemima and it was rough.

    Hope the storms bring some relief!!

  2. Just found you through Holly - Tropic of Mom.
    It's hot and humid here too, but I wait all the New England winter long for summer, so I dare not complain.
    Not to worry, fall is right around the corner, right?

  3. I am SO sorry it's so hot there! Hang in there! I hate the heat and can't imagine getting into the 100's daily.

    When is your due date???

  4. are describing life walk outside and you feel as if you are suffocating! i hear ya sister and i am not pregnant...hope those storms roll through soon...hang in there!

  5. i know i know i know that we're almost done with this whole pregnancy thing but this is getting ridiculous. i felt better after we talked last night, i drank a TON of fluids and went to sleep. and THANK YOU so much for the linky. xoxo my friend.

  6. Ugh, the heat is getting me down, too! We did have some fabulously cooling storms today...73 degrees instead of 103 degrees. Quite a welcome change :)

    I hope you can find some relief!

    (And I have to warn you -- I wrote a post very similar to this, even down to the title, and it'll publish early next week. But I swear I'm not copycatting you!)

  7. oh I so feel for you ... I had two pregnancies run into summer ... any chance of hanging out in a kiddie pool? Oh how I love to float in the kiddie pool last summer before Cordi was born!

  8. Oof. I feel your pain. I had two summer babies. Stay inside. ;)

  9. Oh, you poor thing. I remember being pregnant in the summer. Not fun. Especially toward the end when I had to actually wake up in order to turn over in my sleep!

    I hope you have air conditioning and can rest!

  10. Oh I feel for you two of mine were born just after the hottest months, we don't get the humidity though, just hot, dry, windy, spontaneously bursting into bush fire flames type heat. You can send your weather here if you like I'm sick of washing mud off freezing wet winter clothes.

  11. You need to come visit Northern California. Summer here on the coast is, well, often foggy and cool. I've been where it is hot and humid. I. am. so. sorry!

  12. Wow, that sounds awful. I can't even imagine - I would melt into a puddle - and I'm not even pregnant!!

    I hope you find ways to stay cool and mosquito bite free!!

    Sending you virtual ice cubes and sorbet!! :)

  13. Thinking of you. I'm sure you've heard of this, but running cold water over my wrists or submerging them in ice water helped me stay cool during my hotter months of pregnancy.

  14. Been thinking about you! I know how bad it sucks to be very pregnant in the dead of summer. In one of the hottest summers yet. I went through that with my second son. SUCKED!

    Hugs... cept it's too hot to hug without getting stuck to one another. ;)


  15. Have you tried sticking your unmentionables in the freezer? : )

  16. 115! Oh dear! And you have the humidity there too, don't you?

    I thought we were suffering here at 92 degrees!

    Sending a hug your way. On second thought, hugs are too sticky. I'll send you a virtual smoothie instead. ;)

  17. I know that heat, I do, I do. Poor sausage. Ever thrown a hot water bottle in the freezer? It helps the nights - in a bit of a soggy (but I'm generally desperate at this point) fashion...

  18. That sounds extremely uncomfortable, especially with being pregnant and all! Wish you could come take a vacation to San Diego - it's been unseasonably "cold" this summer. Hang in there...hope it gets better soon!


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