Monday, January 30, 2012

Everyday Blessings

Maybe it's just pregnancy hormones, but I have been extra grouchy this week. I'll blame it on the return of fatigue...really, though, most of attitude comes down to choice. I haven't been choosing so wisely lately.
I think a little reorienting of perspective is definitely in order today, so here are just a few of the blessings from my week...

: : Tonight's yoga class. Getting out of the house to do something good for my body and soul is refreshing. Also, I came home to a happy, albeit rowdy, house and got hugs all around.

: : Stephan ripped out our old (very beaten up) counter tops and replaced them with new ones. There's still a lot of touch up work to be done on his next week off, but the kitchen looks so much brighter now.

: : Stephan has been busy. On top of home renovations, he sold my old car and his old motorcycle. I admit to getting extra grouchy about all of the phone calls and interruptions, but the motorcycle sold in two days and the car in one. Plus, our bank account looks much happier now.

: : A friend lent me some knitting needles and sent along a bag of clothes and some cute hand knit legwarmers for Fia. Generosity is always something to smile about.

: : I finished knitting the owlie sleep sack for the new baby, and I'm making lots of headway on Levi's sweater. And, I have a swift and ball winder being shipped to me as we speak. I cannot wait. I'm trying to hold off on my next knitting project so I can test drive them on the yarn. I'm glad I can knit again. The first trimester was made all the more difficult because knitting made me nauseated. I'm not sure if this is actually true or not, but in my head I'm a better person when I can knit.

: : That photo up there ought to be enough reason to feel blessed! Sophia loves to give kisses. When she wants to kiss you she makes the cutest fish lips and a little smacking noise to accompany them. The adorableness kills me.

What have your everyday blessings been lately?

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