Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Bump

I'm nearly 20 weeks....halfway there! How did that happen so fast?

My first two pregnancies were so different from one another. After Sophia was born, I decided that it must be because she was a girl and Levi was a boy. Ha. This one is really different from my previous two, so unless there's a third gender that I am unaware of then I have to come to the conclusion that all pregnancies (at least mine) are just different.

Although, the differences are many, the one that is most on my mind these days is food. With Levi all I wanted all day long was junk food...chocolate in particular. With Sophia I had so many food aversions that I actually had trouble eating, but what I did eat was generally healthy. Oddly, though, I gained more weight with her. With this one, I've craved healthy foods and lots of them...raw onions, cucumbers, any veggie drenched in lemon juice, pomegranates, oranges, avocados, and salads. Okay, so red meat and dairy were major cravings for awhile there too...not exactly my idea of health food but still different from my previous pregnancies.  

Levi and Sophia are pretty much like compatible (at least for now) polar opposites. It all just makes me curious about this new little one. Will he or she be wildly different as well? No two are alike I suppose, which really just makes it all the more exciting. In 20ish more weeks we'll get to meet this new, tiny person...who, I am positive, will fit right into our little family no matter what.


  1. Cute bump - and how funny that this pregnancy is so different! :)

  2. Our two boys are also polar opposites! My husband said that we have to have a third, because he is so curious to see what he/she would be like.


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