Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday Blessings

My sister and Sophia

A few blessings from the week...

: : Stephan was off work the last half of the week. He let me sleep in a lot. He's also cooked almost all of our meals. Best of all, he discovered my new favorite food to crave...a giant bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley swimming in lemon juice. Yum.

: : My parents kept the kids at their house yesterday after church so that Stephan and I could go to the movies. A date! We never get to go on those, so it was quite a treat. 

: : We found a very affordable sit and stand stroller in excellent condition at a consignment shop! Levi is forever wanting to ride with Sophia on walks and at the zoo, so this is perfect.

: : We also bought shelves for a closet I cleared out a few weeks ago. It's well on it's way to becoming our toy idea from Simplicity Parenting. I'm already so impressed by the changes we've made based on that book. Both of the kids have begun to play in a more engaged way, and they seem a lot calmer and happier at home.

: : We're looking forward to lunch with my sister and parents today. Annie is only in town briefly, but it's always fun to see her!

Hope y'all had a blessed week!


  1. Those are some GREAT blessings, I really gotta check out that book!!

  2. What movie did you see? Did you enjoy it?

    Also - you've piqued my interest in "Simplicity Parenting." That is definitely going on my library list.


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