Monday, January 23, 2012

Everyday Blessings

Some of the joys and blessings from our week...

: : My kids melt my Levi said, "It would be fun if I put a crown in your hair. Then you could be my beautiful, beautiful mommy. Let me go get some pipe cleaners." Then, post crown-making, "There! Now you are a beautiful princess!" The resulting crowns (he needed one too) are above.

: : My dad has spent the past two Monday evenings watching the munchkins so that I could attend a prenatal yoga class. It's six weeks long, and he, my mom, and Stephan are splitting the evenings up, so I can go. It's been really great, and I already feel more prepared for carrying and delivering this baby.

: : Speaking of baby. Y'all, there is an itty bitty person inside of me, and it kicks a ton! Squeal! I love baby kicks...especially when they're too small to aim for my bladder or lungs. 

: : For awhile now we've been having some...hmmm...shall we call them challenges?...with Levi. It's been hard, and there have been times when we've been at a total loss. We've prayed and talked and prayed and talked, and finally we seem to have found some things that are working. We've made quite a few changes, and we're starting to see some really positive results. So, yay! Sigh of relief.

: : The pipe cleaners find their way onto more than just heads around here. It's fun to stumble upon Levi's pipe cleaner "installations" around the house. His favorite theme being the spider web...

: : And, of course, I have to mention the van again! We were extra blessed with that one because we didn't have to go into debt to buy it. We were a little nervous about being able to find something good in our price range, but, of course, God pulled through...despite our doubts. Also, we bought it from a preacher who was selling it so that he could afford to go on a mission trip. I love that our money not only got us exactly what we needed but also funded missions.

So, what blessings have come your way this week?


  1. Levi is one sweet boy!

    I love baby kicks. I miss that so much...well, and nursing, and those sweet cuddles and having a baby fall asleep on me...awwww...they get big too fast...but they are still sweet!

    Sorry I have not been by in a while, I started a new blog...long story about a stalker...anyway...I would love for you to stop by my new blog:

  2. Our babe is moving all of the time too - kicking and punching and waving and dancing. She's an active one, for sure. :)


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