Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Loves

The bump is a growin', y'all. That's about all that's happening over here. So, onto some lovely links...

: : Did you know you can order a view master and customized reels with your own photos?! Squeal.

: : I can't wait for Sophia's hair to be long enough to justify making these button hair ties.

: : Simplicity Parenting is now one of my top ten five favorite parenting books. Really, I wish I had read it pre-parenting. It opened my eyes to so much about myself, and it has me simplifying more than just my children's lives.

: : We're thinking about getting a small table and chairs for the little ones, and of course, I would want the set I can't have. At nearly $200 a chair these are way pricey, but they sure are lovely.

: : I haven't picked up my knitting needles since I got pregnant. I'm starting to feel the itch though. Maybe I should start with these.

What loveliness have you run across lately?


  1. i love your pic! i think i am subconsciously avoiding the camera with this pregnancy...

  2. Just requested Simplicity Parenting from the library. I could use some simplicity.

  3. I love your shirt! How many weeks along are you know? I'm 27weeks and feeling HUGE. Is it just me or are 3rd pregnancies different? ;)


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