Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Loves


Favorites from this week...

: : First off, have you seen Corinne's new shop. Such pretty things made by such a lovely lady.

: : Also, I am crazy about this gal's diapers. They work so well and are the perfect price! Ordered one, tried it, ordered three more and a wool soaker (love the soaker too).

: : Earlier this week I linked to the 10 Points of Joyful Parenting. The same author just posted the 10+ Helps for Really Busy Moms. It's good stuff.

: : The Toymaker is one of my favorite rainy/dull day resources. This week we made a garland out of the Rainbow Birds (at the bottom of the page). It was a fun little lacing activity with pretty results.

: : When I grow up I want to be like these ladies. (via Leigh)

What are you loving this week?


  1. I have that print out from Ann on my fridge :) I love looking at it, remembering.
    I read on a blog post earlier today that a woman (emerging mommy maybe?) tells her kids "we use our words to love our family" it's along similar lines as the print out - and I love it.
    {thanks for the linky love... :)}

  2. What do I love this week? You! And your Instagram pictures of baby sweetness. And your links. <3

  3. I love that picture at the top of the post!!

  4. Great picture again! Thanks for linking up to those diapers. I am going to order one to try it out. I need some fitted for the warm weather. Can't beat the price!


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