Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Man's Trash

Two Sundays ago we were coming home from church, and this was on our neighbor's curb....


We couldn't believe they were chunking it, so Stephan knocked on their door.  Sure enough, they really-o-truly-o didn't want it. It's flawed for sure, but still very pretty and very usable. And, considering most of our furniture came from the storage sheds of kind friends and family and...ahem...the curb, it fits right in.
Found any good trash lately?

P.S. Please ignore the crazy munchkin trying to make his sister wear one of his creations.


  1. I love it!
    It looks like it would fit right in our home too ( :

    There is a (VERY) wealthy neighborhood that we often cruise through to see whats out at the curb :) lol
    We have seriously found 4 truck tires (so very like new) for our truck AND we found a brand new (NEVER USED) bathroom cabinet and sink (the man said his wife didn't like it and the company wouldn't take it they put it in the trash...YEAH!? YIPPIE!! :)

  3. That's beautiful! What a find. Wish I could find some kids like that sitting on the curb.


  4. Great find! We found a baby swing out by the trash that someone was getting rid of. It seemed sketchy at first, but it was in perfect condition, worked well and clean. We gave it to a couple who were expecting their third baby!

  5. That is gorgeous! Glad you happened upon it when you did! It found a great home. :)

  6. This week, I GUFFAWED to hear that the acquiring of roadside finds has been deemed illegal in some council electorates in Australia. GUFFAWED, I tell you! I DARE any cop to arrest me for a roadside trawl.

    Fabulous find.

    Hope Sophia is ok after the hat wearing.

  7. Yeah is is illegal in Australia. Two reasons apparently because it's considered council property once the pick up has been arranged and also raiding peoples trash is illegal. I just knock and ask, we even had some very law abiding people ask if they could have our broken swing set pipes so we took them out of the pile for them.

  8. That's amazing! It's completely legal here to rummage through trash. You can even use people's trash against them in a court case.


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