Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Becoming a Finisher

My grandmother's old pin cushion collection.
Pin cushion ladies inherited from my grandmother.

I'm setting a new goal for myself. One that I'm not even sure I can keep, so I probably shouldn't announce it to the universe. But, hey, what have I got to lose? Right? . . . . Ready for it? . . . .
I'm not going to start any new craft projects until I've finished the stacks of them already piled up waiting for me. 

I can already see problems with this, but I'm plowing forward anyway. Seriously, y'all, I have STACKS of unfinished endeavors. It's getting ridiculous. Something ought to be done, and it turns out that I'm the only one who can do it. Deep breath. 

I am leaving myself one teeny tiny loophole. If I finish all of the projects in one category (knitting, crocheting, sewing) then I can start a new project in that category. And, yes, I did indeed just put knitting and crocheting in two different categories. I know my limitations. Yarn calls out to me. I'm weak. What can I say?  

Any guesses on how long I'll last? 


  1. You can do it! I recently had to create a priority list for all my projects. Ugh.

    And I love the category loophole! I might just have to borrow that one.

  2. I did the same a while ago. It feels great to get things done. There were some that I just decided I had abandoned for a reason. I donated them to the Goodwill...I am not sure f they put them out or threwthem away, but I like to think maybe someone is finishing them!

  3. I ave the opposite problem, i have to finish everything all at once then i get stuck on what to do next!
    it took me ages to fing out what i want to make with supplies i have, jake is like you he had like 20 knitting projects going at this moment, i have 1

  4. I look forward to your finished products! You are so talented - hence the difficulty in narrowing your projects.


  5. You'll feel so very accomplished when the "stack" is gone and you have beautiful things to show for it! I have my own stack but don't think I'll be able to start or finish any of them for a long time still...I miss creative days.

  6. Go for it! Just keep in mind that if the project no longer brings you joy (as in, you aren't even excited about the idea of the finished project) LET IT GO! :-)

  7. i have faith in you! you can do it! i've started quite a few craft projects myself, and i think i need to join you on this crusade. and i can't get over those gorgeous pin cushions...they were beautiful on instagram, but they're even more stunning here.


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