Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Loves

What I'm loving this week...

: : This book.

: : These letters.

: : Dreaming of something to make for Levi with this.

: : This...because I can never remember the words to songs.

: : And, Pintrist...I'm barefootmama.

Hope y'all had a super happy weekend!


  1. the book looks AMAZING!!!! i'll have to remember it.

    oh, pintrest... where has it been all my life!??? it may have been in my dream last night....

  2. Ooh yes, I've been wanting that book for awhile... and its so lovely too! Once I get it, I want to have it propped up on my nightstand as a little bit of pretty to look at when I'm not reading it ;)

  3. I've heard of One Thousand Gifts but I have not read it. It sounds great though. I am going to put it on hold right now! Thanks!

  4. This book sounds great! Just read a little bit about it and their site!


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