Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Stack Down


Yesterday, during one of those moments when the stars aligned (i.e. baby napped while Levi entertained himself), I tackled the pile of socks waiting to be transformed into baby leg warmers.

I feel better already.

That's one less pile

And, since no matter how many foods I drop, the eczema on one of Sophia's legs never seems to fully heal, these are likely to be worn well into summer. They make excellent scratch guards.


    I love quiet times!

  2. rock out! Those are precious!

    Have you tried Skin MD, yet? I've got a review and giveaway coming up (on the 7th) and it kicked darah's eczema to the curb (although she had a very slight case).

  3. Yeah! Good for you!

    That eczema can be a nasty bugger. Here's my suggestion which you are completely free to ignore - I used Cetaphil gentle wash to cleanse and the cream to moisturize and went to completely fragrance-dye free EVERYTHING (which I'm sure you've already done). It's not fun.

  4. Yay! I love cutting down on piles. Right now, I've got stacks of paper piles to eliminate. Those are the worst! Looks like you'll be able to create some super cute leg warmers out of those socks!

  5. Go you!

    I never find cute socks like that.

  6. The leg warmers look so funky I think I might make a few for Sabi so she can get a little more wear out of her dresses as the cold weather comes, did you post a tute?? or is it just cut the foot part off and stitch around???

  7. Sarah, It's pretty much just a cut and stitch. I turn the cut edge under about an inch and stitch it down. For a ruffled edge use a zig zag stitch along the edge and tug the sock through stretching it a bit as you stitch.

  8. Very impressive! (How exactly did you make them?) (I'm curious). :)


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