Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The List

So, I went through the stacks. {At least, I think I found them all. Am I the only one who tucks projects away in every nook and cranny?} In all honesty, some things just aren't worth finishing. Those will either be tucked back into the stash or sent to Goodwill where, maybe, just maybe, some crafty gal (or guy) will know exactly what to do with them. As for the rest of it, here it goes....

X~ Sophia's baptism dress and accessories....kind of top priority around here since I've finally gotten around to scheduling her baptism in May.
~ Curtains for Sophia's room...that project has been sitting around for months. Does anyone else hate sewing curtains? Why are 4 hems that daunting?
X~ Recover red chair cushions...the current covering is popping open, and the fabric for the job is just sitting around waiting for me...has been for 2 years now.
~ Pillows for the living room.
~ Sophia's quilt...well, we know how quilts go around here.
X~ Legging's for Sophia...there's a whole pile of knee high socks waiting next to the sewing machine.
~ Dress for Sophia's bunny

~ There's a largish pile of miscellaneous stuff needing it's ends tucked in.
X Diaper cover...a cute pink one that's halfway done.
~ Scarves...there's more than one...they seem to be ongoing around here.
~ Pillow cover for Sophia's matches a runner that I finished forever ago and forgot to blog about.

X A hat for Sophia
X~ A shrug for Sophia.
X~ A sweater for Sophia....I'm really finished knitting the shrug and sweater. I'm down to the tucking in of loose ends and stitching up of sleeves...There's a chance she might be grown before I finish.
~ I'm fairly certain there's more, I just can't find them right now...same goes for the crocheting category.

~ Yarn wreath...I finished one awhile back but have another one in the works.
~ Matching game for Levi

And, then there's the ongoing stuff:
~ Like the pile of wool sweaters waiting to be turned into soakers (as needed)
~ And, the pile of old shirts, etc waiting to be turned into diapers (as needed)

I'm not even counting all of the half done house projects. That would just be a little much don't you think? 

So, has anyone noticed the amount of crafty goodness headed Sophia's way. Yeah, I think my little man is getting jiped. That's reason enough to start a new project, buuuuuut I'm holding back.....sticking to my guns.....for now.


  1. I love it and I know you can start checking them off before tackling anything else. Those curtains won't take you long AT ALL!

  2. oh wow I thought I was bad but now I'm feeling a little better about my list. Good luck with yours.

  3. That is absolutely what I should do. LIST my 73 UFOs. The reason the smallest girl scores most of the craft around here is just because she is SMALL. So they're quicker to finish and she doesn't worry about loose ends...

  4. Wow, you are busy! I want to see everything you make, especially the baptism gown!

  5. Oh, I completely understand about this list. I have this list. It's probably about the same size too. (Maybe a bit longer...). I have also said to myself that I am not going to start any more projects until I complete the others...and then, Ronan, will ask for us to make a pillow a color of fabric that I don't have. But, I don't think that counts! Happy finishing!


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