Monday, February 20, 2012

Everyday Blessings

Just a few things that I am grateful for...

: : Saturday's rain threw off my errand running plans, but since I've been working on a mild cold it was just the rest I needed. I spent most of the day knitting, drinking tea, and doing laundry. The laundry monster has been officially least for now.

: : This baby's kicks are getting stronger by the day...a good reason to sit around naval gazing. :) Stephan was even able to feel a couple of them on Valentine's day.

: : Sophia grew overnight. She's looking so little girlish now and not quite so babyish....a tad bittersweet. Her imagination is beginning to take off as well. She's been pretending to be a dog lately. She crawls around with a toy bone in her mouth and tries to say "Ruff". I just want to squeeze her!

: : The way Levi and Sophia crack each other up makes my heart nearly burst. Their ease with one another is something I never anticipated and am so grateful for.

: : I've already posted about Valentine's day, but it really was lovely and worth a second mention.

Hope y'all have had a week brimming over with blessings.
Happy Monday!

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