Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Loves

Well, Hello, Friday! I've spent the day reorganizing closets. Since getting pregnant I have overhauled every closet in our house. Some women have that last minute nesting urge, mine starts from month one and just keeps going and going and going. In fact, I wouldn't be too shocked if the closets all received another overhaul between now and June. Oh, my. If only I had this kind of drive while not pregnant!

Alrighty then, on to the links...

: : Stephan has convinced me to delve into the world of sock knitting. He says his feet get cold at night, and he really needs a pair of hand knit socks. So, I bought this bookand some lovely, super soft yarn. Deep breath.

: : Suddenly I'm looking forward to summer...and blackberries.

: : I've already picked out the kids' Easter presents. A Knitting Mushroom for Levi who is forever asking me to teach him to knit (any advice on this endeavor would be greatly appreciated) and a child's Bolga basket for Sophia who is forever trying to steal mine...with my knitting still in it.

: : I've had baby on the brain lately. This is calling to me to knit it (even though I don't like knitting blankets), and thisto buy it (loved the one I had when Sophia was tiny) , and this to sew it (despite still not having finished Sophia's quilt).

Hope y'all had a lovely week! Happy Weekend!


  1. :) (Ah-humm: hand-knitted) Sorry, it's that extra grammar gene I inherited. You're so talented--I'm very pround of your knitting. Love, Mom

  2. I learned to crochet just to make socks. And yes, there are many, many crochet sock patterns. So I'm on your husbands side, hand knit= WONDERFUL! They are my favorite and they make up so quick! Good luck!

    Also, I can't believe how nesty you are already! :) I'm actually usually like that too, but don't have time this pregnancy. I won't really have time until I make the time; which prob. won't be until third trimester. * much to do in the meantime. So I'll enjoy hearing about your nesting in the meantime!

  3. I'm right there with ya on the nesting.. I'm really wanting Jake to move the bookshelves in the living room simply for the end result of not having to bend over to get my tea when I'm on the couch! I love knitting socks, they fit well in your purse and they really aren't that bad, there are some really simple patterns that are easy to memorize, Jake loved his this winter, they were really put to use(that makes it worth having to knit two of the same thing)


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