Monday, February 6, 2012

Everyday Blessings

Is it just me or are Mondays coming around faster these days?
Anyway, happy Monday! Here's my attempt at starting the week off on the right of gratitude.

I am grateful...

: : that teeth eventually have to surface and no longer cause 3 am wake ups. I'm going for advanced gratitude with this one. ;)

: : that I am very close to finishing Levi's Gramp's Cardigan. It's been awhile since something has sat in my knitting basket for sooooo long.

: : that despite being oh so tired from the many teeth Sophia has coming in, I have still managed to be a not too terribly grouchy mama. I'm pretty sure that was all God's doing because I certainly struggle to be nice when exhausted.

: : that I have a really sweet husband who cleaned the microwave. That sounds so dumb when I type it out, but it had been on my neglected to do list forever. Then I woke up one morning, put a cup of water in, and surprise! It was sparkling. He gets me.

: : that this baby's kicks are getting stronger each day. Little baby kicks make it all so much more 'real' (for lack of a better term). I'm not actually ready for baby just yet. There's still lots of knitting to be done. Okay, and maybe a few other more practical things too. Thank goodness for a 9 month waiting period, but at the same time I can't wait to meet him/her. 

: : that Levi and Sophia love each other so much. They wake up each morning and first thing want to see one another. They hug and squeal and laugh and play. It makes my heart smile.

: : that my mom came over this evening to watch the kids while I went to a yoga class. While she was here she even folded laundry, and got the kids ready for bed! She's a good mom.

I could keep going. It's been a good week, but I think I'm going to knit a bit more on that Gramp's Cardigan and then hit the sack. After all there's a very likely chance of another 3 am wake up.

Dear Teeth,
Please, feel free to take a break for a night or so. We could all use the rest.
Sophia's Mama

So, how about you? What have some of your everyday blessings been?


  1. its so wonderful to see the pictures of Fia and levi on instgram, they are so sweet together!! do pregnancies usually go faster when you have a child allread, this one is going massively fast!

  2. I hear you on the teeth and the microwave! I can't even remember when I cleaned the microwave last, lol! A clean one really does make a difference though :) I can't wait to see pics of your new little one! Hope you're feeling well!


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