Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Loves

37 Weeks

I've got baby on the brain....hmmm....wonder why?  ;)  Here are a few links that made me smile this week:

: : When babies hit the brain so too do diapers, so I've been doing lots of diaper stash fluffing.  I've made a few new wool soakers.  One from this awesome book (Thank you, Nell :-), and two from this free pattern.  I have plans to stitch up a few of these and these, and I want to knit a couple of these for winter.  Although, something tells me all of that will not be done before baby gets here. 

: : This wonderful roundup of baby knit patterns makes me wish I was faster with those needles.

: : I'm loving this bunny and think it would make a wonderful first stuffie for this little one.

: : Being pregnant in the oh, so hot month of August has me dreaming about fall and winter.  These little bird seed cakes are already going on the list of things we must do when the cool weather comes in.

: : This last link is for my mom.  She has a thing for magic shell.  So, Mom, next time you run out here's a recipe for making your own.  :)

What's on your brain this week?


  1. Awesome picture, friend! Love the bird seed cake.

  2. ahh look at you two!! so cute! And I am sure hot but aww it will be worth it.

    I have a crush on those bunnies!!!

  3. Thanks for the info on chocolate shell--yum, yum. Nanno

  4. I absolutely love this photo! And 37 weeks? Wow! Seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy. I'm jealous in a way. I loved pregnancy and those newborn days. Cherish the moments!

  5. So glad you have put the book to use already! You're my hero. I don't know how you find the time or energy.


  6. Thanks for the link to my Bunny stuffies. Glad you liked them. Good luck with the last few weeks of your pregnancy and I hope all goes well.


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