Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Rubber Band Mallet

I just realized that it's been forever since I've done a post of Levi-isms.  I keep them on scraps of paper strewn about the house.  There are some things a mama just doesn't want to forget.

: : "Where's my rubber band mallet."--referring to the rubber mallet seen above.

: :  Levi: "You have eybrows?"
    Me: "Yes, I do."
    Levi: "You have plenty of eyebrows!"
    Me: "Um, yes."
    Levi: "I have two eyebrows!"

: :  Levi: mumble, mumble.
    Me: "What was that, Baby?"
    Levi: "I'm just talking to people."

: : "Sing peas on a river!"--referring to the song "Peace Like a River."

: : "Fix it, Mama!  Fix it!  You're a fixer!!"  Unfortunately even us 'fixer' mamas can't fix everything a munchkin can break.

: : "I like dat wheel, Mama.  Come here and smell it.  You can have an idea when you smell it."  :-) Smelling is Levi's thing.  If it's near him, he's going to smell it.  Including our doula's feet during her last visit.  Thank goodness she has 6 children and gets the craziness of 2 year olds.

: : "Come here, doggy.  Come here, doggy.  Sit in my wap."  Pats lap.  There is no dog in sight....not even a stuffed one.  I do believe we have a full blown imagination on board now.  Or a child trying to convince us to get him a dog.  "Can I have a doggy?  I reeeeeeeeyeeee neeeed a doggy!"

: : Here's a real heart melter for least, it melted my heart:
    "Mama, can I marry you?"
    :) "No, Baby, I'm already married."
    "I reeeeyeee need to be married."
    Soft laugh. "Not now, Baby Bear.  You still have a few years.....And, you'll need a job."

*I don't generally dress my child in jackets during the heat of August, but sometimes he's stubborn and insists.  So far he's always taken them off before having a heat stroke!


  1. waaay too cute! love the talking to people one. hilarious!

  2. The little bits of conversations make me melt too :) What a sweetie. I especially love the smelling thing!

  3. Such a funny little fellow! And so precious that he wants to marry Mama :)


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