Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Loves

Levi and I have been staying indoors lately.  I feel a tad guilty that he's not getting as much outdoor time as he's used too, but he doesn't seem bothered.  I don't think he's a fan of super hot weather either.  As y'all can probably guess I've been hacking away at that giant to do list of mine....well, that and falling asleep a lot.  Of course, I've still been bookmarking wonderful links that make me smile.  So, I figured I'd do a little sharing.

: : Well, most of the links make me smile.  This one just makes me go, "Huh?"  Maple Bacon Ice Cream?   I'm unconvinced.

: : If you scroll to the bottom of this post there is a super cute freebie print.  I'm thinking about printing it out and putting it in the baby's room....
It seems fitting for those late nights spent rocking and singing to a fussy little one.

: : Speaking of freebie prints these number and alphabet prints are adorable!

: : Are you looking for fun stuff to do indoors?  How cool is this life sized game board?  

: : I want this mobile to hang in the corner of the baby's room!  It would be look fabulous above the dresser.  Dear God, could I get a fourth trimester, so I can do all the things on my "Oh I so want to do that! List"?  Just Kidding....sort of.

: : Inspiration for a boy quilt has been lacking around these parts.  I've had lots of trouble finding coordinating boyish fabrics that I really like.  Well, the search for inspiration is over....this baby blanket has hit the official to do list.  It doesn't require lots of coordinating fabric patterns....just one top piece and three coordinating flannels....totally doable!  I say doable, like I have all the time in the world.  In fact, I wonder how I'm going to get one quilt finished in under 5 weeks.  Two?  Am I nuts?!

: : Levi is going to need a few new pairs of pajama pants for winter.  I'm love, love, loving these.  No pressure though.  We do have quite a few more months before long pjs will be needed.

: : Stephan's response when I showed him these uber cute duck feet socks was a look of confusion followed by, "Why?"  Me: "Why not?!!!" 

What have you been bookmarking this week?


  1. My girlfriend owns a cupcake shop and she created the "Maple Piggy" which is maple syrup and bacon in a cupcake. I thought no way - but soooo tasty. I bet it'd be good as ice cream too.

    I can't believe all these things on your must be doing some serious NESTING!

  2. I'm not too sure about the maple bacon ice cream either. Let me know if you ever try it....

    I'm bookmarking raw food recipes all over the place. Lots of un-cooking going on over here. It's too hot to use the stove anyway! :)

  3. That blanket is so pretty! But GIRL -- it looks like SO much time and hard work to complete! Maybe pass the tutorial to a good, crafty friend with a big hint, hint :)

  4. Maybe you'll get a good sleeper and you can finish all these projects in baby nap time. The mobile is adorable though I'm seriously thinking of making one. Thanks for the link to the crafty sit there are some great things on there.

  5. You find such cute stuff. I recently bookmarked these card table play tents

    which you may have seen already too.

    Also, I'm linking to you tonight!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the blanket. I have plans to make one for your brother (shhhh don't tell him) as my first project with my new sewing machine (a wedding present - I'm so excited!!!) and this blanket is totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That blanket - be still my beating heart - I love that!!!

    Those duck feet are perfect. My husband and I call each other goose - and someday we will have a little goose - and he/she will need little goose feet!! :)

  8. Mama, you're so close to meeting your new baby! I can't wait to read all about this new little one.


  9. Summer is so brutal. But my little dude is so fair we just can't spend that much time out in the Florida sun! I feel ya!

  10. I have never tried bacon icecream- BUT I have tasted Bacon and sea salt dark chocolate.........
    it's AMAZING.


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