Friday, August 13, 2010

Stephan's Shadow

A Biiiiig Helper

"Can I help you?  Can I help you? I a biiiiiiiig helper!!!  Watcha doin'?  Watcha doin'?  Watcha doin'?   Watcha doin'?" ~Levi

During Stephan's days off this week the 'watcha doins' never ended.  Stephan , however, was endlessly patient with the munchkin....even when his "biiiiig helper" freaked out over getting glue on his feet.....oh, the injustices of life.  "I STICKY!!!!  I STICKY!!!!!" followed by sobs and a very strange manner of walking until a wipe was brought to the rescue.


  1. Soo cute! When I read these posts, I wish I had started blogging when my girls were tiny and I could have captured all of this...this blog is going to be such a treasure for your family of memories of this very special time in your lives. thank you for sharing it with all of us :-)


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