Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Update On Our Little Ray-O-Sunshine

Playing Peek-a-boo.

I remember a time when I actually liked winter. The cold, crisp air, the leafless trees silhouetted against the sky, the possibility of snow...not too long ago these were things to be looked forward to. Now? Winter, I am so over you.  Please leave.

It's beginning to sink in that Sophia's eczema is probably most affected by that cold, crisp air...something entirely out of my control.  Not to mention, the staph that has infected her eczema could use a dose of sunshine. Sunshine is good for bacteria...or should I say bad for it?

Anyway, her doctor called in a prescription for an oral antibiotic. Just writing this has me cringing. The antibiotic ointment that was last prescribed only partially worked. It did at least slow down the infection, and it made things look MUCH better. However, the staph is still spreading. This morning it was setting up shop on her neck, and as of this afternoon it made it to her lips. If it gets inside of her body it will become a much harder to kill beast. Ugh. I'm trying not to worry.


And, thanks so much to everyone who left comments, emails, and Facebook messages full of ideas for helping Sophia's eczema.  We've now got an entire arsenal of stuff to try once we get this infection licked. Hopefully, the gal will soon be itch free. :)


  1. Ray-O-Sunshine is right! What an optimist. She grins while itching like heck! I'm praying.

  2. Poor baby (& momma), no fun! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  3. Sending prayers for little Sophia Sunshine and her momma too! Eczema is no fun. And staph is a whole other nightmare. Hope she's feeling better soon!

  4. ahhh, sweet little girl. :( you don't want to mess around with staph. luke's teenage cousin got it not long ago and ended up getting so sick she was hospitalized for days with a raging infection that wouldn't quit. hope those antibiotics work quickly for you!! prayers and love.

  5. Oh, no fun. Hang in there everybody. And keep up those glorious smiles...

  6. Oh no...I feel for you. We went through a bunch of scary bacteria issues with Tate this past year...still are on the tail end of it. The thing that we finally found that helped us was to get something done at a private clinic called Live Blood Analysis. It can give you an ACTUAL idea of what is going on instead of guessing and just having to randomly try things and hope something works....and of course they give you MUCH better remedies than antibiotics and the stuff the Dr. prescribes (which he is also usually "guessing" at what the cause of your symptoms is). Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there...not sure if there's anything like that where you are...but we liked it because they do an actual test and you can SEE anything that may be wrong, and they use natural remedies and best of all IT WORKED!!! ...will keep you and Sophia in our prayers...

  7. I'm so sorry to read your last bunch of posts. Haven't been around a computer for ages and was imagining you living in bliss with a squishy newborn. Poor little Sophia it must be so worrying for you. I don't have any help for the staph just do what the docs say you need to kick it quickly but there is one other thing to look at concerning the eczema once she's well.
    My friend had to go on an elimination diet herself because her son was reacting to things that she was passing through her breast milk, we always think breast milk is so safe but if the baby is highly sensitive things can pass through. In the end after trialling many foods (at one stage she was only allowed to eat 5 types of food) they found that he was reacting to amines and Salicylates which is found in most fruits and vegies. Once she was on a restricted diet his belly ache and skin irritations went away.
    Al;so an other friend of mine who fosters babies was given a girl with dreadful eczema and she fed her goat milk formula and there is goat milk soap to and now she has no sign of it at all.

  8. We are praying!!
    I'm sure jaime will gladly pray too... he always prays for boo-boos(even when its just mummy looking frusterated) "all boo-boo go way jesus em eeeman" "all better mumma"

  9. oh the poor little button :( excema came to our house when my baby girl was about 4 mths old, she was on formula by then (sadly) which I blame completely. WE fortunately never had to go to any extreme medications. I did give her omega 3 rich foods when she began solids (lots of avocado) and we also gave her omega 3and6 oil when she was only months old. Flaxseed oil. I hope you find somthing that works x

  10. Poor baby! Audrey and I suffer from bad eczema. We have found excluding dairy from our diet helps and always keeping our skin moisturized with natural lotions (fragrance free), quick showers and yes the cold does aggravate it!
    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!


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