Friday, February 25, 2011



Jesus' priorities according to Levi: "Sophia, Jesus loves dinner! (long pause) And, he loves me. And, he loves you too, Sophia."
 It's things like this that keep me from duct taping him to the ceiling fan some days. ;)


  1. Duct taped to a ceiling fan kinda sounds like fun! :)

    What a sweetheart...and he is right on!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think I have a little crush on Levi now! ;)

    Your photo is so lovely!

  3. i think i would be a mummy puddle, what a sweet boy!!

  4. This photo and the one of Sophia from the post before look amazing!!! Do you have any tips you can share with me?

  5. Oh so sweet! I love when they melt your heart like that.

  6. Thank y'all!

    Actually they were both washed out photos because the sun was way too bright that day, so I played with them a lot in Picnik. I used a combo of effects (Cross Process is my favorite). The key though is to always fade the effect, otherwise it tends towards the garish. As far as photography, take lots of photos. I'm not a good photographer, so I just snap away. Eventually I hit on something I like. I've also found that the less cluttered the background, the nicer the photo. And, it helps to get down to your subjects eye level. Anyway, those are my amateur tips. Hope they're helpful. Happy Wednesday!


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