Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've set my own personal record for least blog posts published in a month.  January was home to a whopping five.  Also, my camera has been collecting dust lately, and the few pictures that I have are still in it.  And, it's at my parents' house.  Whoops.  Hmmm....does a month really happen if it's so poorly documented? Kidding.

For Stephan (who misses my posts :)) and the grandparents (who would probably like updates on their grandbabies)....these pictures were all I could scrounge up...




Some random January factoids:

: :  A house under constant renovation = Chaos. Chaos in my house = Chaos in my head. I spent January trying to tame that beast.  It's spilling over into February.

: : Levi, Levi, Levi. We've had some rough times lately.  But, after numerous discussions about what could be causing Levi's worsening behavior (and some sweet help from a friend), Stephan and I had one of those "duh" moments.  Turns out that it was the crud we were letting the poor kid eat because I was too tired (and...cringe...maybe too lazy) to be vigilant about what was going into his body.  The removal of artificial and over-processed junk has yielded a much more reasonable kid.  And, a less tired mama...funny how that works.

: : Also, it turns out that Levi is very similar to a border collie.  If you've ever had one, you know that they require a job otherwise they'll tear up your house.  Levi is the same way, so I've been giving him LOTS of jobs lately.  He's thrilled.  I'm thrilled.  And, the laundry is getting washed at an astonishing rate. Now, if he could just get coordinated enough to fold it. :)

: : I spent most of last month fretting over Sophia's eczema.  It is from the depths of Hades.  I tell you.  We would wake up to what looked like mini crime scenes each morning because she would rub and scratch her face until it bled...nearly every night.  We tried all manner of creams, lotions, and oils with very little improvement. Thanks to the advice of friends, I'm now on a lactose free diet.  (Sort of...I might have forgotten and put butter on some things.)  I'm hesitant to say anything for fear of jinxing the poor gal, but things are beginning to clear up.  We'll see.

: : The brightest spot in January--Stephan now has a week off every month!  I cannot tell you how beside myself excited I am.  For the whole of last year his months went like this: 80 hour week, 30 hour week, 80 hour week, 30 hour week. It was trying, to say the least.  But, now one of those 30 hour weeks has been ditched.  During his first week off he painted the dining remember the one with peeling wall paper?  Sigh. It's lovely.  Maybe this house will get finished soon, and we can spend one of those weeks actually relaxing.  What a change that would be!

Random February factoid:

: : Sophia is 5 months old. She's nearly halfway to a whole trip around the sun! Her personality is shining through more and more each day. I do believe the girl's gonna be a pistol....a bright, sunshiny pistol.

So what's been happening in your neck of the woods while I've been away? 


  1. Yippee....a week off? I hope you will be able to get some much needed family time.
    My little react badly to a poor diet too and along with Brady's other issues (we think he may have Asbergers...we start testing next month) it's super important for me to limit sugar and processed foods - easier said than done when you are tired with little kids around! Anyways, blog when you can but don't allow this space to be anything other than theraputic. :)

  2. You certainly have a way with words. I enjoyed this post so much. Thanks.

  3. So glad to see your post and catch up. Your baby girl is a DOLL!

    We miss you when you are away, but understand that sometimes real life chaos gets in the way of blog land.

  4. Oh, i missed your post, i'm so glad i saw it, jaim has been doing the....uuuhhh... unusually mischievous thing lately too... ive been thinking "oh transitioning", but he has been eating odd things(that we were given and didn't want to waste)processed foods, artificial dyes, unnatural/non organic stuff we never buy... maybe that's adding to behavior!!
    Your babes are so cute, and i'm so glad that your one step closer to finished (fingers, arms, legs and toes crossed!)

  5. I love the road map...too cute. I went dairy-free for both my kids when they were itty-bitty. I think I eased back around 8 months with Calum. I recommend almond milk when you get desperate for something that is tasty! (Still not terribly healthy, but for a few months...)

  6. I am glad you have been away because it makes me feel a little less horrible about having been away, too. Your blog looks fabulous!
    Your little ones are so so adorable! I am so sorry about Sophia's eczema. I have suffered from it my entire life. Avoiding allergens (and figuring out what those are) have been some of my biggest leaps forward (and challenges).

  7. OH those cheeks! Wanna smooooooch 'em!

  8. I just love hearing about what's been happening.

    Isn't it amazing how your body feels when it is getting good food!?

    Love that Sophia - what a cutie!!


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