Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning A Bad Day Upside Down

Yesterday was a rough day.  I'm pretty sure I got an F in least in the late morning when I was cranky from lack of sleep and had two munchkins who needed to be smack up next to me every blooming second.  I might have spent a good portion of my day cringing and been a whole lot snippier than I should have been.  I might also have done some daydreaming about escaping to a beach or the mountains or even just to Target...all by myself.  But then I found The Toymaker and the day was saved.  Have you seen that place?

We made this...

It kept Levi from clinging just long enough for me to regain my nice.  We also had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen which never fails to improve spirits.

So, what do you do when your day is heading south?

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  1. "or even to Target"...that made me laugh as I can totally relate!

    Glad you were able to turn the day around. That can take a lot of motivation.

    These days I usually sit down with a cup of hot cocoa for me and the kids and we play chutes and ladders or read books. :)


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