Saturday, December 4, 2010

On The Sticks


I have some pretty nutty lofty Christmas crafting goals this year.  Some day I'll figure out how many days are actually in December and ratchet down my want to do list accordingly.  Until then, let the crafting mayhem begin.

. . .

In my defense I started this sweater for Sophia in November.  It's my first attempt at a sweater.  I picked it out of the Vintage Baby Knits book because it said it was easy.  If I wasn't so knitting deficient it probably would be, but I've managed to start it completely over 3 times.  I'm not even going to count up the number of rows I've had to rip out and redo.  Apparently, I cannot read instructions...even the basic, easy ones.  But, I'm persevering because there's a much more difficult sweater that I'm dying to make for her.  It's got a lovely (albeit slightly intricate) pattern...not just the very basic diamond design that this one has (you might just be able to make it out in the photograph).

Anyway, the knitting store is on my to do list today.  I know I'm not anywhere near finished with the sweater, but I have a few other more pressing gifts to make.  You know, for people who'll actually notice if nothing makes it under the tree for them.


  1. If I could go back and redo my life the one thing I would change would be; that I would learn to knit before having children it is so much harder to learn when they are here and you suddenly need to make all these beautiful things for them.

  2. I learned pre-kids, but I didn't really try to do anything but scarves (really plain ones). I wish I had tried to improve my skills ahead of time. Oh, and learn...right? :)

  3. I know it will turn out lovely!

  4. I would love to knit my girls a sweater...maybe some day. I had the thought to knit dish cloths and tiny stockings for those 'oh I need a gift for...' situations. I have 7 dishcloths and almost that many stockings...but I don't think its going to be enough. I'll share the stocking pattern I'm using if you are interested.

  5. I haven't been knitting much lately and really miss it! I used to do it all the time while I was nursing my baby. Now he is too big and grabs the yarn off my sticks!

  6. Wow, Ramona! You're on a roll. :) I'd love the pattern. I'm still trying to decide what to do about sew or to knit. I'm probably going to postpone that decision until post-Christmas though, but I'm collecting ideas now.


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