Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas Pumpkin

One of these days I'll learn never to ask him to smile... :)


We "decorated" the front of our house this afternoon.  By decorated I mean there are now one whopping strand...and a wreath.  We won't be winning any prizes.  Although, I think we should considering it was done while wearing a baby.  I was going to finally remove the pumpkins, but Levi insisted on painting them instead....


Totally gonna drag this project out.  There are 3 large pumpkins, which means 3 days of munchkin entertainment!  Woohoo!


  1. I saw a blog where the girl spray painted her pumpkin silver for the holidays.
    It looked beautiful!

  2. my little boy always makes strange faces in pictures too....he's still cute though. Hey...I just started a new blog to hopefully go with my etsy shop I'm reopening next I'm using that link to *get the word out* instead of my Longing for Simplicity one right now. I'll keep my old one for my "deep' thoughts though. :)lol

  3. That picture of him smiling is hilarious!!

    Love the painted pumpkin and the painter - so cute.


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