Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charlie Brown


We've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas a few times this month. Levi has nearly the entire movie memorized.  He wanders around quoting random bits of it here and there.  Most often now he can be found with pen and paper in hand scribbling "words" and saying, "Dear Santa Claus, How are your reindeer?  I hope they are well fed."....over and over and over.  We don't really do Santa around here, so I don't think he actually knows what he's reenacting.  It's funny and sweet to watch nonetheless. 


  1. Bear Loves them too, the music came on the radio when we were in the car and he yelled, "mummy its chayee bwown!" withing the first 4 seconds of hearing it...when he was a baby he was so attached to a stuffed snoopy, until foxie came along.

  2. Oh I love the music in those shows, too. I was glad has had a couple online to watch!


  3. So cute. Love that pic and he looks so good in that hat. :)


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