Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Loves


A few things that made me smile, made me think, and made me go "Oooo...I want one!"....

: : If I had some spare cash right now, I'd buy these and these.  Don't they look adorable and oh, so comfy?!!

: : Sarah wrote a comment on Thursday's post that has me seriously considering buying a pair of goggles.  I'd love to see Levi's reaction if I took her advice:
"Also I'm with you don't stress too badly about the spitting just wear goggles."
: : Leanne mentioned The Future of Food on her recent post.  I can't wait to watch it on Hulu.  Actually, it's on my to do list for today.

: : While we're on the subject of food documentaries, Stephan talked me into watching Super Size Me the other day.  Eeeeewwwww, gross!  I know I'm probably the last person on the planet to watch this.  Since I'm not really a fast food gal, I didn't think there was any urgency in seeing it.  But, I'm glad I did. 

: : I really want to make one of these.  I'm not sure if it's more for my own entertainment or for Levi's.  They just look so very squishable and fun.

: : Don't y'all agree that I need to crochet this bag?  It would be so cute to take along to the farmer's market.....right along with all of the other bags I've made for the farmer's market.  Okay, so maybe 'need' is a strong word for this one.

: : I mentioned wanting to print these and frame them, but I changed my mind.  I printed this, this, and this instead.  They are three of Levi's favorite animals, and oh, my, they look so stinkin' cute hanging on his wall!

: : The thing that's making me smile the most this week (other than Levi's homecoming being so much closer now!) is that my house actually looks and feels nearly inhabitable.  My mother has been over here for days helping me move furniture, organize, paint, etc.  Levi's room is finished except for the curtain.  My sewing room is in working order which means I no longer have to climb over stuff to get to my beloved sewing machine.  And, y'all, my living room is usable for the first time in months.  It just feels so good.  The end of renovations is still far away, but at least it's becoming more and more visible with each passing day.


  1. Those shoes are adorable.

    Yay for giraffes - my fav!

  2. I love your "weekend loves". The flower pictures are always amazing on top of all the really cute things - like those shoes. Oh swoon.

  3. I've still never watched it. Every once and a while I really need a McDonald's cheeseburger. HA!

  4. What a lovely blog....I just noticed a comment you made on Frontier Dreams....I think we'll become friends. :)

  5. Oh yes...those moccasins! and that crochet bag! Now where are my crochet hooks? hmmm.


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