Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Loves


My favorites from the past week...or two...

: : I love to make mini-quilts.  After seeing this breakfast nook I want to make more.  Granted, munchkin number one put a bit of kink in my speediness.  There's no telling what effect munchkin number two will have. 

: : Somewhere along my internet wanderings, I bookmarked this.  I want some for my yard.

: : I'm planning to print these off and frame them!

: : There's a part of me that wants a girl, so we can have a ladybug party.  How cute is that?!

: : I have a weakness for mint chocolate.  Homemade York Peppermint Patties are sounding mighty scrumptious about now. 

: : Many of you have already read this, but if you haven't you need to.  It makes me really glad that I'm generally too cheap to buy Levi prepackaged snacks and juice or not.

: : Levi would dig these printable robot coins.  He's recently become enamored with a robot toy that makes an almost unnoticeable appearance in one of his favorite books.  Speaking of favorite books, have y'all read this one.  We're in love.

: : A few crafty links that caught my attention...These and these and these and this all make me smile.

What's on your list of weekend loves?


  1. I love the ladybug cupcakes, and love the crayon initials too!

    Thanks for that list on packaged snacks. That is so scary.

  2. those quilts are so cute and i love that breakfast nook! and i love that book and that illustrator/artist, very cool.

  3. those quilts are incredible. reminds me of my granny. i still have one of the quilts she did for me.



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