Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Levi-isms of Late

Sweaty Little Munchkin

: : Angels are now officially and for always, "Butterfly Men".

: : We've been explaining to Levi that this new baby will nurse (not eat popcorn like he thinks it should).  Levi calls nursing "nu-ing."  And, now, he frequently points to my chest and says, "Those are nu-ins.  When de baby comes out it's gonna nu.  It's gonna nu from the nu-ins."  And, then he very proudly grins.

: : The munchkin talks up a blue streak ....lots of stream of consciousness stuff.   I hope he doesn't mind that my general response is laughter.  How could I not laugh when he looks up at me and in all seriousness says, "I need a fraction of a moon and a box of goggles.  Where's my goggles?"  Where does he get this stuff?  What the heck is a fraction of a moon anyway?

: : Oh, and apparently, I need to quit saying "What the heck?" out loud.  Now, when Levi sees anything (even if he knows what it is) he says, "What de heck?!!"  or "What de heck is dat?!!!"  Ooops!

: : Speaking of his stream of consciousness chatting....the other day, he was telling me all about chickens and eggs and baby chicks hatching from eggs.  He went on and on.  Then, he got a surprised look on his face, and announced, "I'm hatching my boodie!"  That proclamation was followed by a very foul smell and a diaper change.

: : And, only a two year old can say, "I'm the bestest. I am!" and get a smile as a response.


  1. He's so funny! And, remember--you've got to tell about the hand washing station in the hospital lobby! Ha!Ha!

  2. LOL! I love the sweet nonsense that only young ones can come up with :)

  3. He's awesome! I love that the baby should eat popcorn. LOL!!

    A fraction of the moon - I love it.

  4. Those are fantastic, especially the butterfly men :)

  5. OK, I nearly woke up my family laughing at hatching his boodie! I love the butterfly men and the nu-ins too. Awesomeness.

  6. Oh my! I loved reading this!

    "hatching my boodie!" He is definitely a boy!!!

    Audrey said "oh crap" the other day. I don't use bad language , but do say "crap" every now and then when things fall or I forget something, etc.

    Hubby looked at me and said "now look what you've done!"

    Loved reading what Levi's up to.

  7. He is the cutest. boy. ever!


  8. What a beautiful photo at the top of this post! The colors are fantastic!


  9. Oh my goodness...that boy cannot get any cuter!! He is the bestest. I'm laughing here!


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