Monday, June 7, 2010

Tagged And Seven Bits Of Randomness

Thanks to Corinne for tagging me with a Versatile Blogger Award!  :)  The rules are to share 7 facts about myself and then share the love by tagging a few bloggers.

Seven.....Have I ever told you that Levi's favorite number is 7?  Everything is 7..."Dats 7 dollars.",  "I buy dis for 7 dollars.",  "My number is 7.",  "Dose are 7 dollar boots."  "It's 7 o'clock."...even if it's 10.   The only exception...."I'll be right der in foooour seconds!"

Okay, enough about Levi....Seven things about me?  Hmmmm....

1.  I went to the farmer's market Saturday.  It's not much of a secret that I love the farmer's market, but I was especially happy because, among other things, I scored some lovely swiss chard and japanese eggplants....grown the all natural, pesticide free way.  I can get organic swiss chard from the grocery store, but ugh...they pick it when it's way too big and not very tender.  I like mine baby sized.

2.  Saturday was a good day.  I ran into one of Stephan's Aunts during my thrifting adventures, and she turned me on to a new to me thrift store!!!  What makes it even cooler is that everything you buy there goes to a local battered women's shelter.  Thrifty spending for a cause is always a plus.

3.  Maternity clothes drive me nuts!  Who designs these things?  Seriously.  Shirts that are too short to cover up even a 5 or 6 month baby belly should not be allowed.  Not to mention all of the shoddily made pants....Ack!  Maternity pants drive me exceptionally crazy.  I did finally find a couple of pairs that I love.  My Maternal America jean capris are my new favorites.  I just wish I could afford more than one pair.

4.  Halloween, Levi's birthday, and Christmas have been on my mind a lot lately.  Knowing that I'll have a brand new baby during those events makes me want to be more prepared.  So far, the preparations haven't gone beyond thinking, though.  Would knitting Christmas stockings be a bit much to add to my to do list?  Probably....maybe I could just sew up some cute ones.

5.  Our refrigerator is possessed.    It has taken to randomly spitting lots of water out of the ice and water dispenser. The other night, I woke up to the sound of a puddle forming on our kitchen floor.  It's messy and annoying.  It did this a month or two ago and magically stopped.  But, it's back at it again.   Adding to the list of wants...a new refrigerator...maybe without a water dispenser. 

6.  I am not excited about being hugely pregnant through summer.  Mississippi is hot and humid, and having my own personal heating system attached to my belly during the upcoming months is making me hope against hope that our air conditioner prevails and that our summer is mild (Ha!  As if!).  I've already warned Stephan that if the air goes out, I'm temporarily moving in with my parents.  

7.  Despite the heat, aggravating maternity clothes, and heartburn that is beginning to kick in (again), I love being pregnant.  I love the baby kicks (minus the ones aimed at my bladder).  This little one is getting stronger by the day.  I love getting to hear the heartbeat at each appointment with my midwife.  I love the anticipation of new life and of course the browsing through sweet, tiny, baby clothes that comes with that.  I love hearing Levi talk about "de baby" and what he's going to do with him/her when s/he comes out.  I love that Levi is determined he's having a sister because "I don't want a brudder."  (Okay, so I might not love that so much if a "brudder" comes out, and Levi is upset.  But, we'll just live in the moment for now.)  I love sharing the experience with Stephan and the smile on his face when he feels the baby moving.  It's just sweetness...the whole lot of it...heat, maternity clothes, and all.

Now to share the love, I'm tagging:

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  1. I am similar to you in lot's of ways..

    I love the farmer's market, love thrift stores, wore just bigger clothes while I was pregnant because a lot of maternity clothes got on my nerves( :

    My refrigerator is doing some crazy stuff too!!! Seriously! The leaking happens inside from the freezer into the main fridge. I have to keep a topperware container towards the back to catch all the water.

    I loved being pregnant too!
    How special the heartbeats, sharing it with Levi, Stephan, and planning for a home birth!!!

    I am so not with you on the planning for birthdays and Halloween and Christmas. I am so bad at this and usually plan for these things like a week before, no joke!!!!
    I wish I was more of the planning type, or crafty( :

    Loved hearing your 7, hope you are having a good Monday!

  2. Don't you love finding a new place to shop? Thrift stores are so fun.

    I hear you about the maternity pants. I think I had only one pair that fit really well. Ug. And I was pregnant during summer twice, so I also relate to you about that! The things mamas do for love....

  3. Your farmers market sounds lovely :) I'm not a fan of any kind of chard... I think it's an acquired taste! I wish I could send you all the swiss chard we get in our weekly CSA!

  4. Agreed. Maternity pants are the WORST!

  5. I actually LOVE maternity pants...compared to when I was shopping for pants 7 years ago, the styles today are amazing!
    I enjoy reading these posts, and getting a glimpse into someone elses life and likes! Thanks for sharing your seven splendid things!!

  6. I am so not going to miss being pregnant. I love the babies but growing them is dreadful.

  7. Just a quick note...we had that refrigerator hissing problem too and it was a simple fix (for the refrigerator repair man). It was something with the tube from the ice maker that needed to be replaced. Relatively inexpensive and no new refrigerator needed!

    Also, there are lots of great books on nursing and what to expect from the new baby. Here's a few that we read to Ronan: Mama's milk, We have a Baby, and two by Dr. Sears: What Baby Needs and Baby on the Way.

  8. Oh Mississippi, pregnant in the summer... I'm not envying you right now sista. Hoping you can stay cool!



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