Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Loves


: : Skip To My Lou is hosting a summer craft camp full of great ideas for things to do with munchkins.  I'm especially loving this simple paper kite.

: : This short film (found on Amber's blog) is an incredibly moving tribute to the artist's father.

: : I highly, highly suggest Food, Inc.  I can't say enough good about this documentary.  And, if I tried, I'd need a whole blog post (or two) devoted to it.

: : Since we're overhauling the icky and very old decor in our fixer upper, decorating has been on my mind.  I've been browsing my bookmarked decorating ideas, and I'm smitten with this dining room.

: : I'm determined to figure out how to use my camera.  This article made my camera's manual much clearer.  It's basic photography knowledge, but for a gal like me it was super useful.

: : And, because Levi is gone for the weekend, this picture makes me grin.  It's his fake smile...newly perfected...

His Fake Smile

What's on your weekend loves list?


  1. Congrats!! You won the sleepywrap off my blog! I see your expecting 2 so this will be perfect for you :-)

    Email me your snail mail address and it will be on its way.


  2. How appropriate that you'd win something called a sleepywrap, since Levi is an expert! :) Congrats!! Winning is so much fun.

    That fake smile is adorable. Have a great day!

  3. Ah we are off to see Food Inc in a couple of weeks...after some convincing they are going to screen it in my city!

  4. That dining room is perfect!

    I need to learn how to use my camera also!!!

  5. Sigh, I wish I could be your friend in real life. I have Food Inc. on my Blockbuster list. And I heart Skip to My Lou too.

    Levi's fake smile is cute, actually. At least he doesn't squinch up his eyes like my son does during his own fake smile.

  6. How fun is that craft camp? It's just up my alley because my 3-year-old has been asking to do "a brand new craft" almost every day of the week. :)

    Also - I *tried* reading that photography article, but it's still a little over-my-head. I think I need one-on-one training from a real-life person.


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