Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chickens And A Haircut

The chickens are doing well and adjusting to their new home nicely. Some of the small ones are even figuring the ladder out...quite the feat for a bird brain. ;) Here's Feathers giving the small ones her best evil glare. She is determined to place herself firmly at the top of the pecking order...

The big one is not so nice to the littles. So far she hasn't injured them at least.


When you don't have t.v. chickens make for a great show...


Chicken watchers.

In other news, this little lady got her first hair cut (in Nanno's kitchen). Sigh. I'm still trying to hold back tears over it. How is it possible to become so attached to hair? She's looking and acting very toddler-esque this days.

This sweetie pie got her bangs trimmed. First haircut...sniff...sniff.


  1. I just can't get over how ADORABLE she is. Those eyes and chubby little legs and arms. Ugh. Why do they have to grow up?!?

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