Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Sweet Lillian!

And, just like that she went from this


to this...

Happy 1st Birthday!

We celebrated with a quick batch of cupcakes this morning before Stephan headed off for work, but we'll have a proper family party this weekend.



Happy birthday to my beautiful and sweet one year old!

Her adventurous spirit and sweet personality unfold more and more with each passing day.
She can always be found right in the middle of the action.
And, she loves to explore and play.
She keeps us laughing and grinning, and she has her brother and sister wrapped tight around her pinkie finger. I wish they minded me as well as they do her. ;)
She thinks she's as big as they are and protests greatly when not allowed to follow them everywhere.
She is a bright light in our lives.
And, we love her so!


I'm so glad you're here!