Monday, July 1, 2013

A Month Full Of Birthdays

July brings with it a birthday each week. I'm up first. I'll be 32 tomorrow. A week later Lillian turns 1. Another week later my mom has a birthday, and last but not least is Stephan's. Phew. If we have anymore babies in this family they'll need to find a new month. Toss in the fourth of July, and this one is booked.

My sister came up Sunday afternoon for an early birthday celebration. We ate supper and had a DQ ice cream childhood favorite! We ended the day picking peas from the garden and walking. The day was too beautiful not to spend some of it outside.

Today was so beautiful.

Garden helper.




Tomorrow Stephan and I get a semi-date. My mom is keeping the two bigs while Lillian tags along with us. So, Happy Birthday to Me!

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