Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Drawings

Stephan drew with the kids today while I had a bit of knitting time to myself. Levi has never really gotten into drawing, so you can imagine my surprise and joy when he presented me with this portrait of our family of five. This is probably one of only 3 times that I can recall him actually drawing something other than scribbles. Eep. I do love a good surprise, and I'm thinking that Stephan and the kids should draw together more often.

Our Family by Levi
Levi wants to make sure everyone knows that the middle figure is him. :)

This was Sophia's scribble. She looooves to "daw", and I love to hear her say "Daw, Daw!" whenever she wants paper and pencils.

Sophia Age 2

On an entirely different note, Sophia said, "Wuv oooo" today. The recipient of that oh so coveted phrase was none other than Levi, or "Vi" as she affectionately calls him. It melted my heart almost as much as it would have had she said it to me. Sigh. These kids are nearly unbearable in their cuteness.

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