Monday, November 5, 2012

A Sweater Deadline

The washing machine has been going non stop all day long, and that beast of a laundry pile just will not die. So, I'm done for the day with 4 loads still waiting and more to be added in tomorrow. Someday I will find peace with this whole laundry thing. Okay, so maybe not. But it's 9:30, and I'd rather be knitting than folding.

I've set myself a lofty finish this sweater in time for it to be Levi's birthday present. Yikes. That means a lot of knitting between now and Saturday. I can totally do this. Right?
I did at least lower my initial expectations. I was going to aim for a matching hat by then as well. Considering it took me 2 weeks to knit Sophia's sweater, I think it will be a miracle if I finish just the sweater by then. I only started it Friday. Better get to knitting. Wish me luck!

For curious knitters it's the Limepop Sweater.


  1. I'm sure you will be able to do it. Love the color.

  2. Go you! I'm trying to finish a second blanket by Christmas and I think THAT's a lofty goal. And mountain laundry just is. No matter how many loads we take away, there will always be more. So enjoy your knitting!!

    1. :) Totally agreed. If there is one constant in this world it is laundry. Too bad we don't live near enough to have a cup of tea and knit together!


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