Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Rambling

I'm skipping my usual Friday post because I'd much rather ramble, and it's my blog. I can do that. :)

Third trimester fatigue has addled my brain and caused me to forget how to count. I've been convinced for a few weeks now that I don't hit full term until June 9th. Ahem. Try June 2nd. Y'all that's coming up soon....and that means I could have a baby any time next month. I'm not sure why a week makes so much of a difference in my head, but it does. Of course, this baby could also stay chill until July, but I'm hoping not. It gets really hot then. 40 weeks is good. Let's aim for that. Okay, baby?

This week has been strange. I've been tired, but not as grouchy as I thought I would be, considering I had to go on a knitting hiatus. Who am I kidding? I'm still on it. Sigh. See this cute little baby hat....


I knitted it on size 1 double points which is kind of like knitting with 5 long toothpicks. That's a dumb thing to do while 8 months pregnant. My wrist is paying for it with a bit of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. Double big sigh. And, really, even though we're not finding out the baby's gender until it get's here, I suspect boy. So, why am I knitting girly hats? A mama's gotta be prepared, right?

And, about names and gender, last pregnancy we got to the very end without agreeing on a boy name....good thing a girl came out. This time....guess what? We can't agree on a girl name, but we're good to go if it's a boy. Oh. my. It doesn't help that we're both convinced it's a boy. I'm not entirely trusting of my instincts, and I'd like to be set for either one. Stephan, on the other hand, is totally disinterested in preparing for a girl this go round....kind of like he was disinterested in preparing for a boy last go round.

And, just because she's sort of crazy and really cute this is a sampling of life with Sophia over the course of approximately 3 minutes...

Reading sweetly with Levi...

Suddenly up and trying to escape via the back door....


And, then off to pull things out of baskets and attempt to climb the shelving (the whole world is one big rock wall to this girl)....


Maybe I don't so much have 3rd trimester fatigue as chasing Sophia fatigue.


  1. :) and, I guess this is really the calm before the storm even if it doesn't look like it. When the new baby arrives, I'm thinking things will be wild and crazy. --Nanno

    1. I'm even more afraid of when this next baby starts walking!

  2. You make me smile!! And you'll get a name if it's a girl. If not...I'm partial to "Kate" :)

  3. I honestly can't imagine being heavily pregnant plus looking after Eve, who not only shares a bday with Sophia, but also a taste for danger. I' m exhausted! Take care in these final weeks, it is so exciting!


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