Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Bum Arm, A Little Drama, And A Sweet Solution

Levi is our sensitive one. In some ways this can be endearing, in some ways maddening, and in some ways just flat out funny. Even the tiniest scrape can cause days of tears and comments such as, "Mama! I have a scrape!! It's NEVER going to get better!!!". Last night he got a pretty big that certainly would have brought tears to my own eyes. When I had made peace with the fact that bedtime was inevitably going to be pushed back at least an hour due to the screaming and crying, Stephan came up with a brilliant plan. He offered to put Levi's arm in a sling....


And, then there was instant calm. Normal bedtime reading rituals resumed...


All was right with the world.

Levi got in bed with his sling clad arm and asked for a sip of water. Stephan brought it to him, and Levi said (in the most dramatic voice ever), "I need some help. I'm sorry. I only have one arm...forgive me." Ha! Seriously? Where does he come up with stuff like that?

For safety purposes I removed the sling once he fell asleep, but it totally did the trick. He mentioned his scrape a few times today but there were no tears involved and he didn't seem as concerned as he usually would be. I guess I'll have to learn how to tie up a makeshift sling for the bumps and bruises that happen when Stephan isn't around.


  1. Aw, so cute :) glad all is well!

  2. That's so cute. We have a feel good blanket. It's really helpful for all my non feel good moments. Maybe a piece of flannel could be your feel good fabric that you can turn into feel good slings.

  3. My V is like that - maybe it's an oldest child thing? I know I was like that (and can still be). I've found it actually does help to not poo-poo the drama or to call it out but to calmly offer simple solution. Would a drink of water help you feel better? How about if we just snuggled for awhile? Let's shake up this snow globe and watch it for awhile...Maybe you've found your fix it with a feel good sling/fabric.

    1. That is so true. Trying to dismiss it just makes it worse. I usually just snuggle with him, but I think taking it so seriously (or at least what he perceived as seriously) made a big difference.


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