Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Haircut

Sophia feels that she ought to be able to do everything that Levi does. Since he got his hair cut recently, guess what she's been requesting...

Sophia's First Haircut

Admittedly, her bangs were in dire need of a trim. It was obvious that they were bugging her, and while my mom was at it she evened the back up a bit. Sniff, sniff. My baby keeps looking and acting a little less babyish every day.

Also, these photos were taken on Sunday. Now the sandals in that picture are way too small for her. My kids seem to grow feet first.


  1. we did our check ups last week, and fiona was 25% for everything- weight, height, shoe size. neve was 90% for height, 75% weight, and her pediatrician actually said (as she asked me what her shoe size is), "whoa! based on those paws she's going to be a BIG puppy!" nice.

    1. Ha. Based on my kids feet I think there going to be right their with Neve. Geez. They're likely to be taller than me!

  2. I love her in yellow. She is beautiful just like mama.


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