Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Loves

MS State Fair 2010

A little web happiness for your enjoyment...

: :  Have you ever wondered how to make leaf skeletons?  I had a teacher who called them fairy pretty.

: :  I've run across a couple of cute pumpkin sewing tutes this week.  This one looks like a good scrap buster, and this one uses up tossed aside sweaters.  Oh, I just loooove fall.

: : Here's a sweet hat.  It's perfect for a little girl's fall wardrobe, and with a few changes it would be great for a little boy.

: :  Sketch Swap is a tad addictive.  Have you tried it?

: :  "You Just Broke Your Child" is a good read.  I'd like to carry a few copies around to pass out in the checkout line at Walmart.  Bad parents seem to flock there. 

: :  In one of my many attempts at getting Levi to swallow vegetables, I made these.  Levi liked them.  That is until a friend called partway through lunch, and I told her what I'd made.  Levi promptly quit eating them, and exclaimed in a rather panic stricken voice, "There's veggies hiding in my chicken!!" Obviously he's smarter than I thought he was. 

Hope y'all have a beautiful Sunday.  :-)


  1. I love these posts! I am always looking for something to do on Sunday afternoon while hubby watches football! lol! And you always find such great things!


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