Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Loves

Hello, Autumn.  I've missed you.


This weekend I'm loving the cooler weather.  This is Mississippi, so we're likely to see the reappearance of the scorching sun a few more times before Autumn truly settles in.  But, this week it's been breezy and pretty.  Leaves are starting to fall.  The weather has been perfect for wandering and exploring. 

Despite all the time spent outdoors, I have still managed to collect a few internet must sees for y'all.  A new baby does tend to keep a mama up late every once in a while, so I've not been short on computer/nursing time.  

: :  If you like taking a peek back in time, then these photos are fun to browse through.  While we're on the topic of photos, this is least once you read that swallowing the light did not kill the frog.

: :  Homemade fruit roll ups are easy to make, but Fix Me A Snack has just taken them to a whole new (and very cute) level.

: :  Next month Levi will turn 3!!!  His party is going to be tiny, but that doesn't stop me from browsing through party ideas.  I love this vintage toy theme and this birthday wreath.  Levi hasn't yet discovered the joys of outer space, but someday maybe I'll be digging this out of the files and begging my mom to make  it.  If you're looking for more girly inspiration how about this ray of sunshine?  And, depending on what colors you use this pin the candle on game could go for a boy or a girl.

: :  To accommodate both Levi and Sophia...oh, yeah, and us...our bed is made up of side by side queen and twin mattresses.  I'm on the hunt for ideas to make this look a little less sloppy and a little more intentional.  Since manufacturers don't exactly whip out headboards for such a strange set up, we're going to have to get creative.  So far, this is the best roundup of diy headboards I've seen.

: :  Two must reads...this (found here) and this (found here).  They are short, so I promise you have time.

: :  This is the coolest diy dollhouse.  You better believe I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nightstand...preferably with curved drawers...loooove it!

: :  Not that I'm getting much knitting or crocheting done these days....but, I want to make one of these and one of these for me, and one of these for my sister, and this for Sophia, and this for Levi (he's crazy about snails). Too much to add to the list?  Nah.

: :  Just to make sure that I will never ever run out of things to do, here a few sewing projects that I'm smitten with...

              Strawberry pillows...for Sophia's bed
              An owl costume...maybe a few Halloweens from now.
              A softie flip doll...shouldn't every little munchkin have one?
              And, a firewood tote...first we should probably call the chimney sweep to fix our chimney.
So, what's grabbed your attention this week? 


  1. I love the Autumn! We don't get the hot weather that you do but we get the "do I need a coat or don't I" dilly dally weather. I love the colours and nature, and walking out wrapped up in hats and scarves.

  2. Oh those roll ups....must make some! Enjoy the beginnings of your Autumn!

  3. I love your picture Georgia has random hot days too but i have all things crossed hoping its gone for good!!
    Are you on if not they have an amazing collection of knitting/crocheting and much more, if you are on there i may need to friend you (your taste in patterns is great!)

  4. Hi, you have an excellent blog! I just started my own Art blog and noticed you liked art as well, maybe you can check it out =)
    Thank you


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