Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preparing The Munchkin For The Big Move

So, I have zero practice at preparing munchkins for large life changes, and quite obviously we are about to hit a major 10 days to be exact...Yikes! Is it really only 10 days? Hmmm. Despite my lack of skill in this area, I'm still making a few fumbling efforts at helping Levi get acquainted to the idea of a rather new life. Not only will there be an extra person living with us, we'll also be moving 45 minutes from my parents. I'm bracing myself for the first morning when we wake up and can't go to Nanno and Baw-Baw's house.

As far as preparations go here's the list:

~ We take Levi over to the new house often...granted he calls it "Tevens house" which means he doesn't get that it will soon be our house. In case you need a translation "Teven" is Stephan.

~ We've moved some of his toys over there so that despite all the renovations it might have some feeling of home (or at least fun).

~ We take Levi to the house frequently for naps, so he can adjust to sleeping in a new place.

~ We've also been taking him to some of the spots we'll soon be the grocery store and nearby playground. Did I just say grocery store and nearby playground?!  Oh, I'm going to be so spoiled.

~ I tried talking to him about it, but that totally went over his head. He didn't get upset, but it was obvious that he had no idea what I was jabbering on about.

~ For post wedding, we've decided to postpone the honeymoon.  Stephan is taking off the week after we get hitched.  We toyed with the idea of going away for a couple of days.  We even considered taking more of a family vacation than a honeymoon, but in the end we decided that it would be best to just stick around and adjust to being a family. 

I had planned on having more of our stuff moved, so the place would gain a familiar feel.  But, things are going a little slower than anticipated.  Stephan's trying really hard to get the popcorn ceilings scraped and all of the ceiling debris cleaned up before we  move stuff in.  But, as is typical with renovations, there have been setbacks.  It should be done by the wedding which puts us at moving stuff the week after.  Sigh.  At least we'll get to visit Nanno and Baw-Baw a lot that week.  There's always a sunny side, huh?

Any suggestions from you seasoned and even not so seasoned vets?  How would you prepare your kiddos for a whole new life?


  1. I just went through a similar challenge with my two year old. Due to circumstances out of my control there was a lot of stress centered around our move. I will share more of those details if you want, but I will say it looks like you are doing a fabulous job at prepping him for the move. My son Guy went through a phase just after the move where he was terrified to go anywhere and would not put clothes on, even if he was freezing cold. I asked a lot of people for advice. Most people thought it best just to force the issue and make him go places and put clothes on. My pediatrician recommended bribing him with candy. But mommyjust instincts told me to be patient, give him lots of love and he will get through it. He didn't leave the house or put clothes on for about three months. All the sudden, about a week ago, he got bored of being in the house. So, if you find your son needs a little time to adjust, I wouldn't be surprised!

  2. It really sounds like you're doing a great job preparing him as much as you can. Trust your mommy instincts, you know him best. He'll probably adjust easier than the adults.

  3. We moved to where we currently live shortly after Millie turned two. And really, it was fine. Granted, she had already done a LOT of traveling in just two years, but I think the most important thing was that she knew so well that wherever Mommy and Daddy were, that's where home was. I bet Levi will adjust in no time.

    And just 10 more days?! wow! How exciting!!

  4. As someone who was a kid when big moves happened, the transition to a new place will always be how the child handles it. Whether he's calm or anxious, is really up to his personality.

    But the easier you make it for him to adjust to it, the easier it actually will be for him to adjust to it.

  5. You need no advice, lovely Mama - you're doing everything that you can - at least the stuff that you have control over. As long as you are around for the big cuddles he'll find his feet. x

  6. I have no advice, but that I think with him being so young he'll adapt much easier than if he were older. I bet in no time it'll be his new normal.

    He is super cute, Madeline. You have a little gentlemen in the making there. I'm digging his shirt, by the way.


  7. How exciting! 10 days! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help him make the transition. I think it depends a lot on personality. Some kids don't mind it all...we moved Ronan when he was 18-months - temporarily for a month and then after a year at the new place. He did well all times. I would suggest not making any other "big" changes at the same time, if you can help it. (If he still sleeps with you - keep it that way for another few months, etc.). You're doing great!

  8. We have moved a lot with our first two kids.

    Sounds like you are doing everything you can.

    You can let him pack a box to take over and unpack. Not sure if you have a library near by but there are always books about moving there too.

  9. I don't have any advice, but it sounds like you are doing a great job already. Most likely the hardest transition (for both of you) will be moving so far from your parents. But I'm sure that some distance is what you in your new husband will need! Good luck with the move and all the last minute wedding preparations.

    Looking forward to seeing photographs and hearing the beautiful stories. Love you!

  10. *and*
    what you *and* your husband will need.

    i wasn't trying to be saucy! oh! ;)

  11. Wow so many changes and so close now!! I have no advice either but it sounds like you are doing just fine....slow and steady and much much love!


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