Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let The Countdown Begin

The clock is really starting to tick now.  As of today, there is exactly one week before vows are spoken, lives are united, and we start a brand new life, a brand new family, and a brand new adventure.  Sigh.  Happiness.
Oh, yeah, and there might be a little stress involved.  It's been raining buckets upon buckets around here.  Our yard (which drains really well by the way) has been looking rather pond like lately.  And, although, we are perfectly capable (and kind of okay with) getting hitched indoors, outdoors was definitely on the agenda...and the invitations. 
More rain is in the forecast.  Is there an anti-rain dance to be done?  I'm up for doing it.  Anyone want to join me?  Oh, yes, and a slightly warmer weather dance would be great too.

Photo via Leo Reonalds flickr photostream.


  1. I'm dancing away for you here :-) one week wow you must be so excited. You could start a new trend in gum boot and raincoat wedding attire?? maybe not.

  2. I do kind of like the idea of a wedding dress/yellow rain boot combo, but that's just me :)

    Wishing you warm and not wet weather for the wedding. How's that for alliteration?

  3. Yippee! Wedding bells will be ringing soon!
    I am sure that no matter what the weather,
    your love with be overflowing and will conquer
    any unexpected weather. (did I ever tell you
    that my wedding day weather at the beginning
    of June was a sweltering 98 degrees at 6 in the
    evening? Oh. Yeah. Sweating brides are

    I would have to agree with the comment
    above- a photo in your wedding dress, with
    a rain coat, jellies and an umbrella would
    be so great.

    Wishing you the best day ever M! Xox

  4. I'm positive it will be a fabulous day, no matter what the weather.

  5. I think it's supposed to be a wonderful thing (good fortune) if it rains on your wedding day! :)

  6. Oh my, well I'll be hoping for some warm, dry weather for you! But it will be memorable no matter what!

  7. congrats!!! thanks for visiting my giveaway over at bonbon girls. If you ever need anything from stella & dot let me know. I can get you discounted shipping! Have a great day!

  8. Very happy for you and your new little family. :)


  9. My husband and I started dating on February 13th...a very auspicious day, in my book!


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