Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend Loves

(She's pretty much fearless.)

Fun links:

  : : This reminds me of the cardigan that I knit for Sophia except in my size!

: : A hexagon quilt may be in my future, especially since it would be a great on the go hand stitching project.

: : A tablecloth into a rug? I am intrigued.

: : The candy fairy came to our house Tuesday morning and traded out the Halloween stash for a dump truck. The candy fairy is now loved by all...especially for her ability to thwart an all day sugar induced tantrum. (idea via Soule Mama)

: : Upsidedown Kate just finished up a cool series: 31 Days of Joy Filled Parenting.

: : Who knew that clear nail polish had such a fabulous use?

: : Last but not least, Christmas is on my mind already! Love it!

Have you found anything fabulous this week?


  1. Love the new use for clear nail polish!

    That cardigan is to die for...

    Have a wonderful weekend!! :D

  2. I big puffy heart your Christmas inspiration pinboard. And thanks for the mention...


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